Excerpt from Gajsek, Vladimir. “Joze Vodlan Exhibits in the Krka Gallery in Ljubljana.” Slovenec 24 July 1996.

The Krka Company donated a bouquet as well.  At the end of the opening ceremony the painter Joze Vodlan read one of his poems, written during the first years of his stay in the USA: the poem tells of his night work by the huge, horrible machine and his total exhaustion, not only as a human being but actually as an integral part of that machine.  At the end the artist most sincerely stated he is a Christian by upbringing and the he was always in favor of Slovenia being on the map of the world and as his beloved homeland.      

At the opening night of Vodlan’s paintings were present among others also Dr. Valentin Inzko and family, the Austrian ambassador in Sarajevo, the cultural representatives of Linz, Austria, and many visitors from all over Slovenia.

The retrospective show of Joze Vodlan’s paintings confirms the painter’s originality, his artistic convictions and personal, aesthetically and emotionally achieved art forms.

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Articles on the Artist

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