Excerpt from Gajsek, Vladimir. “Joze Vodlan Exhibits in the Krka Gallery in Ljubljana.” Slovenec 24 July 1996.

This is called the true vision of fine arts.  Without such a vision the works of art would be blind in themselves and would remain incomprehensible.  In the aestheticism of the sight the work of art becomes alive within the viewer and this may arouse the inner and very true experience of beauty.

At the opening of the art show Prof. Dr. Miko Jutersek spoke about Vodlan’s paintings from the experts viewpoint.  He stated the Joze Vodlan is ranked among the best Slovenian painters, but so far Slovenia does not have a specific gallery of Slovenian modern artists where the works of Zoran Music, Lojze Spacapan, France Gorse, Bara Romec, Veno Pilon, Joze Vodlan and other Slovenians that lived and worked outside Slovenia would be exhibited permanently.  All these important are still left to particular art actions of certain, mostly Slovenian city galleries and do not have their due place in a permanent collection.

The Vodlan’s art show is according to Prof. Jutersek, a true survey of his work.  The artist exhibits portraits, nudes expressions and abstract paintings spanning over his life’s opus.  Although living in the US, Joze Vodlan is always an European artist rooted deeply into the European and Slovenian art heritages.  This presence of the European tradition strongly defines the Vodlan show as a quite unique experience.  The Slovenian paintings that dwell within the American cultural and exhibition frames enforce the cultural and creative spirits of the intercontinental levels and connections.  The full swing of artistic insight in Vodlan’s creative phases shows that the painter was permanently faithful to himself and his own artistic expression, that he did not surrender to the outside and fashionable coincidences but has always remained a powerful and integral artist.

The opening vernisage was conducted by the cultural animator and custodian in the Krka Gallery, Mr. Boris Cesen. He spoke publically with the artist, provoking him with many questions so the painter had to talk about secrets of his success, public acclaim and business: only through constant and permanent creative activity, with total devotion to the cause, dedicating each and every force to the moment of work, can one achieve almost everything.  Boris Cesen also introduced the family of the painter, talked about his life experiences and presented the painter’s wife with a magnificent bouquet in the name of the Major of Lasko, Mr. Peter Hrastelj.

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