Excerpt from Jeraj, Jozica. “1996 Frescoes Retrospection.” Exhibition brochure 1996.

The paintings by Joseph Vodlan are compositions made of natural, primary elements, approaching the abstract.  The “fresco” technique of applying colours to the specially ground treated paper, adds a large colour spectrum and emphasizes the unlimited pigmental activity.  These paintings emerged out of the painter’s emotional inner-self and comprise the depths of his visions.                                                                                                           

The colour compositions are somehow immersed into the already recognized art movements of this century, but form a unique style that suggests a departure from existing laws of artistic expression is taking place, and that this process leads towards the establishment of the painter’s own laws.                                                                                   

His paintings arise from a highly emotional and creative ecstasy, they are unique and cannot be recaptured (to put it into Vodlan’s own words:  “Even if I wanted to copy them, I wouldn’t be able to…”), as one cannot bring back the clouds and the brightness of the changing sky.  

Joseph Vodlan’s paintings are festive, they awaken peace, and reflect the global, universal, psychic, and emotional dispositions that dwell deep inside the painter’s heart.  His paintings are untitled: it is up to the viewer to create his own vision and to achieve a personal and emotional experience.

The aim of art is the search for the unknown.  Vodlan’s paintings always reveal new visions, originating in the painter’s subconscious, sublime, creative ecstasy. The experience of viewing a condensed result of several decades, reveals the depths of the highest esthetic qualities of his work.

This collection will be exhibited also in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in the Spring of 1996, under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.

The exhibition is living proof that Slovenian culture thrives also in New York and the USA, something which all Slovenes should be proud of.


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