Excerpt from Simoncic, Damjana.  “Painter puts image on view: loving truth more than the glory,…”  USA Today June 1996.

The aim of art is the quest of the unknown.  A perfect work of art is emotionally and spiritually captured moment within no limits of time and describing but a certain period in the universe.  A painting becomes alive when it dematerializes itself before our eyes: now being transparent and without limits it is left totally to the viewer’s imagination and interpretation.   This is the moment of truth when deep inside us we feel the same as the artist.  It is to seek this truth that we came to the exhibition of Joze Vodlan’s paintings.  And because of this revelation of the truth within us, the artist puts his images on view…                                                                         

The present one-man show in the Slovenian Cultural Center in Chicago will be on view for almost four months.  With several exceptions, most of Mr. Vodlan’s paintings are for sale:  it is the painter’s wish to donate 50 percent of the sales income to the Slovenian Cultural Center.                  

All the visitors to Lemont should visit this exhibition!  Besides its being a pilgrimage, Lemont has turned a Slovenian Cultural Shrine of North America.

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